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Watford FC Sustainable

Watford Football Club is proud of its heritage and place in the local community, and we feel privileged to have great support from our fans and followers.

We are delighted to further our commitment as a club to becoming a sustainable business that supports not only our local communities but also the environment, by measuring, monitoring and setting plans to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the natural life around us.

In doing so and communicating our commitments, we want to inspire our fans and followers to do the same in their own lives and circles of influence.

The club is now firmly on track to progress in all areas of its operations, including energy usage, waste, water usage and biodiversity. We will also soon be announcing our commitment to becoming a Net Zero business.

We are pleased to let our fans and followers know that a lot of work has already been undertaken to ensure we are continually moving forward in this crucial area for the club and for our planet.

You can find out more about Watford FC’s commitment to sustainability HERE, or read more about the club’s policies below.